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Our Vision is to be the number one organization for outsourced technology driven
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Talent Access Partner & Plus Limited

Talent Access Partner & Plus Limited is an indigenous human resources company that specializes in the design and implementation of people screening processes. Established in 2016, TAP+ specializes in not only screening of individuals, it intends to also bridge the gap for individuals who have difficulties with tests preparations by providing a platform where a variety of questions are made available for practice thereby adding value not only to the organization but the individuals as well.

Our Services include but not limited to

Pre-Employment Management Solutions for Human Capital Screening

Our pre-employment solutions are designed to attract the right type of candidates and place them in vacancies available within your organization. These solutions are backed by technology at each stage of our recruitment process.

Standardized Technology Solutions for Computer Based Testing

Our technology solutions support the deployment of a variety of assessments with ease. The “candidate Journey” is simplified allowing for a Customer Service Driven delivery reinforcing our employer’s brand.

Recruitment Website for Job Seekers and Recruiters

It is designed to automate day to day processes required by Job seekers and recruiters not only by using technology in helping job seekers quickly find the jobs that suit them but also by making them aware and giving them an easy means of applying for their desired jobs immediately they are advertised.

Online Practice Platform for Adequate Preparation

AssessmentCheck allows you prepare for upcoming aptitude tests which are used as a means of assessing critical qualities for Job success. These assessments are not exactly the same as those which may be used for employment purposes, they however provide you with a similar experience in terms of question types and format (e.g. Numerical Reasoning, data analysis. Etc).

Head Hunting and Executive Search

With constant development and technological advancement in different Industries “Leadership requirements continues to evolve while the need for high performing executives’ remains necessary. Our specialized recruitment service which involves a thorough understanding of the different sectors and their functional roles allows organizations pay to seek out and recruit highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs.

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